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As one of the leading global manufacturers of electric motors, Hydraulic Solutions and Sales is proud to be an authorised distributor of WEG motors in Australia. Many of the products that WEG produces are suitable for a variety of different industries, including agriculture, marine, mining and the steel industry.

Please get in contact with the specialists at Hydraulic Solutions and Sales if you are interested in WEG electric motors in Australia.

Electric Motors

We offer a range of electric motors from the diverse back catalogue of WEG products. One of the popular electric motors that WEG produces is the W22 three phase motor. Offering a high level of performance while still retaining maximum efficiency in energy usage, the W22 is built to last.

It also gives you lower total operating costs, giving you a greater level of reliability and providing you with the value that you paid for.

Soft Starter Motor 

WEG soft starter motors are carefully designed to deliver a high level of performance no matter what they are being used for. They can offer efficient and simple ways of starting, stopping and protecting electric motors. 

These products come in three different categories: 

  • Stand-alone units
  • Cabinet-built soft starters 
  • Medium voltage soft starters

The SSW07 is one such example of a standalone soft starter that is designed for high-performance motor starts and stops with an effective cost-benefit ratio. It’s easy to install optional accessories makes it simple to adapt to your specific needs. It also simplifies the daily operation and start-up activities of the electric motor.

Marine Motors 

WEG is known for its comprehensive range of marine motors, alternators and automation systems that have widespread applications in the maritime industry. The parts and systems that WEG produce are incredibly efficient and reliable, making them ideal assets for hazardous area motors and to fulfil the requirements of the marine sector. 

Suitable for environments with confined spaces and more extreme environments that require a low noise level, the WEG marine motors are a valuable option to consider.

WEG Variable Speed Drives 

In addition to WEG electric motors, We also supply and distribute WEG variable speed drives, which are innovative and easy to use. In certain applications which involve heavier loads with reduced deceleration times, a great deal of energy moves from the motor to the variable speed drive. In order to withstand such energy, the variable speed drive needs to dissipate it through resistors. 

WEG variable speed drives such as the CFW11 model, offer a special vector control mode called optimal braking. This mode actually eliminates the need for braking resistors, making it a more low-cost solution for braking applications.

Electric Motors Australia

Hydraulic Solutions and Sales are WEG motors distributors, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have relating to WEG products or electric motors in Australia. We also specialise in the repair and maintenance of hydraulic parts and components, helping you to get the most out of your machinery.

Please contact us today with your special needs or queries regarding any hydraulic applications on +61 8 9437 5388, or send through your requirements online.

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