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Hydraulic Pneumatics

At Hydraulic Solutions and Sales, we offer a large selection of pneumatic products from a range of brands such as SMC Pneumatics, Festo and Norgren. Our team has the capacity to offer general pneumatic spares or engineer complete systems including design, installation and commissioning including hydraulic pneumatic systems.

Pneumatic systems are advantageously durable and reliable in harsh conditions, and are a cost-effective solution that requires minimal maintenance. Pneumatic products also offer safety advantages because they don’t use toxic chemicals, are explosion-proof and do not overheat or burn under harsh conditions.

Our pneumatic products are suitable for a wide range of applications including braking systems, construction and mining equipment, and manufacturing machinery. Whatever your specific application, get in touch with Hydraulic Solutions and Sales for more information about the pneumatic products we offer

Pneumatic Cylinders & Actuators

We have a range of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders with varying stroke lengths and bore sizes to suit a wide range of applications. In addition to our pneumatic cylinders which act linearly, we also supply a number of rotary actuators.

Our pneumatic cylinders and actuators have a number of advantages: they perform well in extreme temperatures, are compact, lightweight and cost-effective, are easy to install, require minimal maintenance and offer long term durability.

Sensors & Pneumatic Instrumentation

At Hydraulic Solutions and Sales, we supply a large range of sensors and instrumentation for pneumatic systems. The products we supply offer accurate information to help you keep your pneumatic circuit running smoothly.

We offer several types of pressure switches, sensors and transducers for detecting pressure within a pneumatic system. There is a solution for whatever you require, from monitoring very small amounts to powerful streams of air.

Pneumatic Valves

We supply a large range of pneumatic valves to help control flow, pressure and direction. Our products have various mounting options, port layouts and capabilities. 

Whether you require two, three or four-way directional valves, heavy-duty lever valves or solenoid valves, we can assist. Get in touch with us for more information about the range of pneumatic valves we offer.

Air Service Units and Pneumatic Filters

We offer a large range of filters, lubricators and regulators for maintaining an optimal condition in pneumatic systems. Our products come in various sizes and capabilities to suit a large range of standard and heavy duty applications.

Proper air preparation is critical in any pneumatic system as contamination can cause damage to the system components, and decrease overall efficiency. Maintaining clean, dry air is essential for preserving system components and ensuring maximum productivity from your pneumatic equipment.

Looking for a Pneumatic Products Distributor in Australia?

Hydraulic Solutions and Sales offers high quality pneumatic products Australia wide, and can assist with engineering complete systems including design, installation and commissioning. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Hydraulic Solutions and Sales is a hydraulic and pneumatic products distributor that you can trust. We specialise in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and have a dedicated team of experts available to help meet your needs.

For more information about the pneumatic products we distribute, or the specialised engineering services we offer, get in touch with the team at Hydraulic Solutions and Sales today.

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