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At Hydraulic Solutions and Sales, we distribute a range of high-quality Eaton hydrostatic pump parts and hydraulic pumps Australia wide. Eaton hydraulic pumps are internationally recognised as some of the most reliable and high performing options available today. They are used extensively throughout the mining, oil and gas, agricultural and many other industries.

The range of hydraulic pumps we distribute includes DuraForce, the 420 and PVH Series of Eaton piston pumps as well as a large range of vane and gear pumps.

Eaton DuraForce Piston Pumps

Hydraulic Solutions and Sales distribute the Eaton DuraForce HPR open loop (PDF) & HPV closed loop (PDF) piston pumps. The HPR and HPV series of pumps have pressure capabilities to 420 bar (intermittent 500 bar), with displacements ranging from 55 cc to 280 cc.

  • HPR Open Loop Piston Pump – offers clockwise or anticlockwise rotation, excellent suction, and high power density. They are compact and have a proven long operating life. Tandem and multiple pump options are possible.
  • HPV Closed Loop Piston Pump – these variable pumps offer clockwise and anticlockwise rotation, integrated high and low-pressure relief valves and the option for tandem and multiple pumps. They have a compact design and high power density.

420 Series Eaton Vickers Pumps

If your application only requires a medium-duty piston pump you may be more suited to the 420 series (PDF) of hydraulic pumps. The 420 Series comes in a power-dense design, combining high pressure with a small package size to make it suitable for applications where space is a constraint. It comes in displacements ranging from 41, 49, 62cc (PDF) to 80 cc (PDF) and can handle pressures of up to 4000 psi.

Typical applications of the 420 Mobile Eaton piston pumps include mining machinery, tunnel boring equipment, agricultural tractors, and mini-excavators.

PVH Series Eaton Vickers Pumps

A range of spares and complete units of the PVH Series (PDF) piston pumps are also available as ex-stock. The PVH series are typically a very efficient unit (95% volumetric) with a heavy-duty design and local standard SAE C/CC frame sizes.

The PVH Series comes with a large range of features including a quiet design and a number of drive shaft and control options to suit any application. Designed to perform well in strenuous environments, these hydraulic pumps are often used in earth-moving machinery and construction applications.

Eaton Vane & Gear Pumps

Additionally, Hydraulic Solutions and Sales offer a large range of high-quality vane and gear hydraulic pumps with various displacements, porting, flange and shaft configurations, including the V10 & V20 (PDF) vane pump series.

These Eaton hydraulic pumps are high quality and precision-built for applications across numerous industries.

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For more information about the selection of Eaton hydraulic pumps we distribute, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Hydraulic Solutions and Sales. We have decades of experience handling, installing and servicing these products and are fully equipped to assist customers throughout Australia.

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