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At Hydraulic Solutions and Sales, we are appointed WA service partners of Hydac and an authorised WA distributor of SPAN gauges. We have the appropriate hydraulic gauges and test gauge kits for virtually any application with gaseous or liquid media.

We understand how important reliability is for gauge products: accurate information is crucial for the upkeep of your hydraulic equipment. That’s why we offer you products from two of the leading brands of hydraulic pressure gauge design and manufacture. For your convenience, we also have a large range of ex-stock available immediately.

Hydac Gauges & Accessories

The Hydac range of Gauge & Accessories (PDF) includes manometer pressure gauges, test gauge kits, and multi-station gauge isolators. They are some of the most high-quality hydraulic gauges in Australia, offering excellent accuracy and durability for countless applications.

  • Manometer Pressure Gauges 

These gauges are designed to perform well in adverse service conditions with high vibration and pulsation and are suitable for use with gaseous or liquid media. They are made from stainless steel casing and copper alloy wetted parts, with a glycerine filling. It is possible to process temperatures up to 60 °C, and 63mm and 100mm versions are available.

Accessories for the manometer pressure gauges include U-Clamp brackets, 3 Hole Bezels and Flanges, and rubber covers.

  • Mining Staplelock Pressure Gauge

These specialised hydraulic pressure gauges are ideal for mining applications. They have glycerine filled lenses and copper alloy wetted parts to ensure a durable product.

  • Test Gauge Kits

Ideal for mobile servicing technicians, these test kits are able to be used on virtually any machine. Various combinations are available with up to three pressure gauges. The equipment included is designed to be precise and prevent any contamination during the testing process.

  • Multistation Gauge Isolators

These gauges check different pressures within a hydraulic system. Some of the models are leakage free and come with an in-built pressure gauge suitable for different pressure ranges. Other models allow the connection of a separate pressure gauge.

SPAN Gauges

If your application requires a pressure compensated gauge the SPAN range may be suitable. The SPAN gauges have an internal bladder as opposed to an obstructive external bladder. Additionally, the SPAN gauge has an internal breathing diaphragm, eliminating the “bubble” which is found on many other gauges and can obstruct readings. The glycerin filling can cope with temperatures from -40°C to 65°C.

The casing and bezel of SPAN gauges are made from Zytel Nylon which makes them very tough. Zytel is corrosion and impact resistant with over 10,000 lb. tensile strength. The removable bezel design easily allows for repair or recalibration.

If you would like to see the range of SPAN hydraulic pressure gauges we offer, get in touch with us and we will send a Hydraulic Solutions and Sales representative to you with our display box.

Enquiries & Requests

If you need more information about the range of hydraulic pressure gauges we distribute, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have an extensive selection of ex-stock that is available immediately and can assist with any special requests.

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