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At Hydraulic Solutions and Sales, we distribute high-quality hydraulic motors Australia wide from reputable brands such as Eaton and Danfoss. The motors we offer perform well across numerous industries including mining, oil and gas, agriculture and marine.

Whether you require piston, vane or orbit-type motors we can assist. We also have a large range available as ex-stock: get in touch with the team at Hydraulic Solutions and Sales for more information.

Eaton DuraForce Piston Motors

As authorised Eaton hydraulic motor distributors, we offer the Eaton DuraForce Series of high-quality piston motors. These motors have many advantages including smooth operation at low speeds, high starting torque, reduced emissions, and high reliability. They are used across various industries for applications such as mining excavators, drill heads, offshore marine and oil, and gas equipment.

A number of different types of DuraForce piston motors are available including fixed displacement, variable displacement and regulating motors. They can be controlled electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically and have pressure capabilities of 420 bar (peak pressure of 500 bar) with displacements ranging from 28cc to 280cc.

Eaton M Series Vane Motors

If the Eaton M Series of vane motors suits your application, a selection of complete units and replaceable cartridge kits are available as ex-stock. Ranging from 30cc to 317cc these motors are high in efficiency and are simple to service. 

They are able to operate at high speeds and high pressure as well as higher speeds at lower pressures. Operation is possible in either direction and these motors can be reversed or stalled without damage.

Eaton Char Lynn Hydraulic Motors

As Eaton hydraulic motor distributors, we also stock a selection of the Char Lynn Orbit Type Motors. These motors offer reliable high power density and are extremely compact. Special features are available including integrated brakes, sensors and environmental protection for corrosive environments.

The Char Lynn hydraulic motors have a large range of displacement size options to provide a variety of speeds and torque capabilities. Shaft rotation and reversal are instantaneous while still generating equal torque in either direction. 

The full range of disc valve motor (2000 – 10000 series) seal kits are also available immediately as ex-stock.

Sauer Danfoss Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic Solutions and Sales are also Danfoss hydraulic motor distributors, offering our customers the range of Sauer Danfoss Orbital Motors. This series is renowned for being extremely durable and highly productive. A robust design and long operating life are part of the reason why Sauer Danfoss hydraulic motors are used extensively throughout applications with tough terrains.

These Sauer Danfoss hydraulic motors have an extensive range of displacement, shaft, flange, porting and two-speed options and select range is available as ex-stock.

Installation and Maintenance for Hydraulic Motors

In addition to our role as Eaton and Danfoss hydraulic motor distributors, we offer a number of maintenance services to ensure your hydraulic equipment is in top working condition. We have a team of specialised technicians whose extensive experience with Eaton and Sauer-Danfoss motors makes them well-equipped to assist. 

If you have any enquiries about maintenance for the hydraulic motors we distribute, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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