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Hydraulic Solutions and Sales are an authorised WA distributor of the Sun Hydraulics range of standard manifold assemblies. However, if you are after something more customised, we can design and supply to your specific requirements in standard mild steel, stainless steel, a special material or offshore coating.

Sun Hydraulics Manifolds

The range of Sun Hydraulics manifolds are internationally recognised as industry-leading products. They are expertly designed for efficiency and longevity and can be up to 50% smaller than other brands on the market. 

The range of Sun Hydraulics manifolds are available in aluminium (3000 psi/210 bar) or ductile iron (5000 psi/350 bar). Thousands of manifold models and variations are available to suit your port size, mounting and cavity quantity requirements.

The primary types of hydraulic manifolds that Hydraulic Solutions and Sales offers are:

  • Line mount manifolds
  • Sandwich manifolds
  • Motor mount manifolds
  • Subplate manifolds
  • Bar manifolds
  • Gasket mount manifolds

A variety of components can be integrated into the hydraulic manifold assemblies such as:

  • Cartridges and valves 
  • Pumps
  • Sensors for pressure and temperature
  • Fluid Condition Systems that help regulate fluid temperature

For more information about the range of Sun Hydraulics manifolds and components that can be integrated into the manifold assemblies, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Considerations when choosing a Hydraulic Manifold

Manifolds effectively provide a logical and compact layout for multiple valves, making it easy for an operator to control fluid flow throughout the hydraulic system. They are used in equipment across several industries, such as marine, mining, farm, and construction equipment. 

When selecting a manifold, it is important to consider the specific application and operating conditions it will be used in. Some of the factors that will influence your choice of manifold include: the type of hydraulic fluid and its properties, what material the seals and body of the manifold are made from, the operating temperature and pressure of the hydraulic equipment, conditions of flow produced by the hydraulic pump, what size and type ports should be, how many valves are required and how the manifold can be mounted.

If you would like advice about choosing the ideal hydraulic manifold for your specific application, get in touch with us at Hydraulic Solutions and Sales. Our experienced team will be happy to help advise you and offer solutions for your specific requirements. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, you can be confident that you will receive advice that you can trust.

Custom Manifold design & manufacture

Should you require a specially designed hydraulic manifold assembly, we can assist. We design and supply custom hydraulic manifolds Australia wide for customers in a wide range of industries. We can accommodate requests for manifolds in standard mild steel, stainless steel or a special material and even offshore coating.

Whatever your hydraulic manifold requirements, Hydraulic Solutions, and Sales are able to assist. Get in touch with the team today to see how we can accommodate your needs.

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