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Hydraulic Flow Meters

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Hydraulic Flow Meters

At Hydraulic Solutions and Sales, we primarily offer the Hydac range of flow meters. However, if you require standard visual inline flow meters we offer a variety of products from other brands that cover a wide range of flow rates, fluid mediums, pressure capabilities, and port configurations.

Hydac Flow Meters

At Hydraulic Solutions and Sales, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality hydraulic flow meters in Australia. Hydac is one of the most reputed brands, designing and manufacturing hydraulic flow meters that are used extensively throughout many industries.

As appointed WA service partners of Hydac, we offer our customers their range of flow meters including inline flow rate meters with portable data recorders or the standard digital display unit with control functions.

  • EVS 3100 Series are aluminium and can measure flow rates from 20L/min to 600L/min. These flow meters are ‘turbine-operating’ meters, meaning the flow of the hydraulic fluid is measured by the speed of a rotating component in the flow meter.
  • EVS 3110 Series are stainless steel and measure flow rates between 20L/min to 600L/min. They also operate according to the turbine principle, however, the impeller is carbide-coated for increased robustness.

Depending on the model, pressure and/or temperature metering capabilities are possible additions.

To process and display the information from Hydac flow meters, we offer:

  • Portable data recorders which can be used on field or in the laboratory for servicing and maintenance procedures. As well as flow rate, these can connect with a variety of other signals such as pressure and temperature.
  • Digital display units such as the Hydac HDA 5500. Different versions are available with up to three analogue and up to four relay outputs. They are rated as having an accuracy of ≤ ± 0.5 %

Turbine Inline Flow Meters

The Hydac range of flow meters we distribute operates according to the turbine principle. Turbine flow meters are one of the most popular ways to measure the flow of a hydraulic fluid electronically because they are easy to maintain, durable and very reliable if the hydraulic fluid is clean. They are used across many industries, especially in oil and gas and mining. 

Inside a turbine flow meter is an “impeller” which rotates because of the energy in the hydraulic fluid. How fast the impeller rotates depends on the flow of the fluid: the faster the fluid flows, the faster the impeller rotates.

Information about impeller movement is detected either magnetically or when each blade generates a pulse. A transmitter processes these signals to calculate the flow rate of the hydraulic fluid. 

Along with temperature and pressure, flow is a very important measurement that enables you to monitor the health of your hydraulic system and can be useful for troubleshooting issues within the system. If you need assistance with hydraulic maintenance, our specialised technicians can help.

Need more information about our flow meters?

Whether you require quality visual flow meters or are interested in learning more about the range of Hydac hydraulic flow meters we offer, get in touch with the team at Hydraulic Solutions and Sales today. 

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