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Hydraulic Solutions and Sales are appointed WA service partners of Hydac, offering their full range of filtration products. Hydac is responsible for some of the most reputed hydraulic filters in Australia and internationally. 

The advantages of the Hydac range of hydraulic filtration include high-pressure stability, a long service life, low-pressure drops, and high contamination retention capacity. These features mean Hydac filters help protect components and improve the overall efficiency of hydraulic systems. They are used for a broad range of applications across many industries.

Hydac Filtration Products

The range of Hydac filtration products can be used for liquid and gaseous media and are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Whether you need inline pressure filters, return line filters, or filters for reversible oil flow, we have a broad range of ex-stock with immediate availability.

  • Pressure Line Filters- these filters offer direct protection of system components and help create general cleanliness in the system.
  • Return Line Filters – Install these in the hydraulic tank line or on top of the hydraulic tank. They ensure all fluid that flows back to the tank is filtered so that no contamination enters the tank.
  • Return Line & Suction Boost Filters – These have many advantages, including filtering fluid finely and an extremely low-pressure drop. They are particularly effective in cold temperatures compared to other products.
  • Inline Pressure Filters – These filters can be installed before or after the boost pump, and also in the return line. They ensure the required cleanliness of your hydraulic fluid.
  • Breather Filters – These prevent contamination from entering the tank during tank breathing. They are cost-effective and environmentally friendly products.

For applications such as those in the marine and oil and gas industries where non-corrosive properties are paramount, we supply: 

  • Stainless Steel Filters
  • Filters with Special Offshore Paint

Why are hydraulic filters so crucial?

The condition of hydraulic fluid can significantly impact the overall health of a hydraulic system. More than half of breakdowns can be attributed to poor fluid conditions, and contamination in the hydraulic fluid can have a very detrimental impact on the longevity of other parts in the system. 

Excessive wear and tear over time mean that your system will not be functioning optimally, and productivity will be compromised. Without adequate filtration, you will be faced with unnecessary and expensive costs. To ensure optimal efficiency and greater longevity of your equipment, you should invest in high-quality hydraulic filtration products.

Optimise your hydraulic filtration

If you need assistance, making sure the filtration technology in your hydraulic equipment is performing optimally, our qualified technicians at Hydraulic Solutions and Sales can help. We understand that any issue with your hydraulic equipment can lead to costly delays in work. That’s why we offer quick but effective testing and maintenance services so you can get back to work in no time. 

We have decades of experience with Hydac filtration products and are well equipped to assist with any replacement or installation needs. For more information about how we supply hydraulic filters Australia wide, get in touch with the team at Hydraulic Solutions and Sales. We look forward to hearing from you.

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