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Hydraulic Cylinders

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Hydraulic Cylinders

Since hydraulic cylinders are one of the most fundamental components of a hydraulic system, it’s very important to invest in a high-quality product. At Hydraulic Solutions and Sales, we are an authorised WA distributor of the Eaton series of medium-duty hydraulic cylinders, and we also offer industrial duty cylinders to your specific application requirements.

Eaton Vickers Hydraulic Cylinders

Eaton Vickers hydraulic cylinders are internationally renowned as some of the best medium duty options on the market. We distribute the M3000, S3000, and Special Medium Duty series, with the full M3000 series available immediately as ex-stock. 

The Eaton Vickers hydraulic cylinders are suitable for both mobile and industrial applications, and their compact design means they are a cost-effective but reliable product.

M3000 and S3000 Series

The M3000 Series offers seven bore sizes from 2 inches (50.8mm) to 5 inches (127mm), and the S3000 offers five sizes from 2 inches (50.8mm) to 4 inches (101.6mm). The cylinder barrels are made from steel tubing, which complies with ASTM International specifications. The piston rods are chrome plates, though stainless steel options are available by request.

The M3000 Series offers a rotatable rod end design, whereas the S3000 Series has a screwed rod end design, providing support for an extra-long piston rod. Both Series feature a welded head end cap to the barrel for extra strength.

Special Medium Duty Series

The Special Medium Duty Series of hydraulic cylinders offer a variety of mounting style options and customised stroke length to best suit your specific application requirements. 

Six bore sizes are available from 1.5 inches (38.2mm) to 4 inches (101.6mm), and the six mounting options are no mount, rectangular flange head, circular flange head, tie rod tapping (cap end), rectangular flange cap and circular flange cap. 

If you need more information about the Eaton Series, get in touch with us. With decades of experience as hydraulic cylinder distributors, our dedicated team can assist.

Custom Manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders Australia

If you have a special requirement, Hydraulic Solutions, and Sales and accommodate your needs. We design and manufacture custom hydraulic cylinders for customers across many industries. We also supply all the necessary operation and maintenance manuals as well as certification to required offshore or mine-site specifications.

Cylinder Testing and Reconditioning

At Hydraulic Solutions and Sales, we are not only trusted hydraulic cylinder distributors, but we also offer a number of services to customers across Australia. 

If your hydraulic equipment is not running efficiently, our team of specialised technicians can carry out testing and assessment of your equipment. We have decades of experience reconditioning hydraulic cylinders to restore them to near-new operation levels. We will provide you with all necessary testing documentation, including efficiency reports and conformity certificates. 

Get in Touch 

To find out more about the range of Vickers hydraulic cylinders we offer, or to enquire about our reconditioning and custom cylinder manufacture, please get in touch. Our dedicated team at Hydraulic Solutions and Sales will be happy to assist with any enquiries. 

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