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According to Hydac, around 80% of hydraulic system breakdowns are due to contamination of hydraulic fluids and system components. A breakdown means a delay in work and a costly decrease in productivity.

Regular condition monitoring of hydraulic systems can help prevent breakdowns and increase the efficiency of your equipment. Specialised monitoring and analysing equipment is a worthwhile investment that will reap benefits in the long term.

Hydac Condition Monitoring Equipment

At Hydraulic Solutions and Sales, we are the appointed WA service partner of Hydac, offering their range of high-quality hydraulic condition monitoring (https://www.hssptyltd.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/hydac-fluid-testing-and-analysis-systems.pdf) products. Hydac condition monitoring equipment is easy to use and is very effective at detecting solid or liquid contaminants. It can be used in a laboratory or on the field for convenience. 

The range of products we stock for condition monitoring of hydraulic systems include: 

  • Aqua Sensors for detecting the water content in hydraulic fluids; and Water Test Kits to analyse the percentage of water in hydraulic fluids. Water in hydraulic fluids can seriously compromise the reliability and longevity of hydraulic systems.
  • Contamination Sensors which are designed to be used continuously on hydraulic systems that require information on the trends of solid contaminants.
  • Fluid Control Units that use fiber-optic sensors to detect solid contaminants in hydraulic fluid. Also available with a bottle sampling unit so you can take samples for the laboratory.
  • Sampling Systems for taking samples in a consistent way so they can be analysed in a laboratory. Both static and dynamic sampling sets are available.
  • Fluid Analysis Set which produces contamination monitors from samples of hydraulic oil. These can then be analysed under a microscope to determine what type of contamination it is.

For more information about the hydraulic condition monitoring products we distribute, get in touch with us. Our team at Hydraulic Solutions & Sales will be happy to assist with any queries.

Regular Hydraulic Condition Monitoring Australia-wide

Regular hydraulic condition monitoring and maintenance is the key to a healthy and effective hydraulic system. Don’t wait until a large breakdown halts your work to take a closer look. Ongoing, scheduled servicing can help avoid costly breakdowns, and will improve the longevity of your equipment. 

At Hydraulics Solutions and Sales, we not only provide Hydac condition monitoring products, but also a range of services to help our customers keep their hydraulic equipment in optimal working shape. If you need assistance with scheduled servicing, testing or reconditioning, our team of specialised technicians can help. 

With over 30 years of experience, we have dealt with most of the issues you may come across, and understand the warning signs that precede a breakdown. If unfortunately, you do experience a major issue, we can assist with timely repairs and replacements to get your equipment back to work as soon as possible.

Need assistance?

Whether you require high-quality products or maintenance services you can rely on, we are able to assist with any hydraulic condition monitoring needs. Get in touch with our team at Hydraulic Solutions and Sales for more information: we look forward to hearing from you.

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