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Globe Air Motors

At Hydraulic Solutions and Sales, we supply a large range of Globe air motors and accessories. Globe manufactures some of the most internationally renowned vane motors which are recognised for their excellent performance and reliability.

Air motors are used throughout numerous industries and are ideal for light to medium duty applications with higher speeds. For use in lower-speed situations where high torque is necessary, pneumatic vane motors with gearboxes perform well. Common applications for hydraulic vane motors include hoists, conveyor belts, packing machines, and ventilators.

Globe Air Motors 

The range of Globe air motors we supply include: 

  • Vane Air Motors (also known as pneumatic vane motors) – available in a wide range of power capabilities from 0.1 kW up to 23 kW. They can operate in any mounting position and provide a light and compact motor solution. Stainless steel options are available should you require them.
  • Compact Air Motor – these are reversible and are even more compact than the other Globe air motors and can power from 180 kW to 1000 kW. 
  • Vane Air Motor with Gearbox – these come with the option of a worm, coaxial or planetary gearbox mounted onto the vane motor. This means they are compact and protected from any outside influences.
  • Compact Piston Air Motor – benefits of these motors include high torque at low rotation speeds, very low consumption of air and decreased the noise level. Their power is from 110 to 460 W. 
  • Radial Piston Air Motor – these have a valve, pneumatic brake, and gearbox that can be controlled by hand or remotely. Their power is from 0.8 kW to 23 kW.

Advantages of Air Vane Motors

The basic function of air motors is to convert compressed air into mechanical work. 

Hydraulic vane motors are the most commonly used air motors and they provide several advantages: 

  • Compact and light – compared to an electric motor or piston air motors, air vane motors occupy much less space and provide more power than other motors of the same size.
  • Easy to adjust power output and torque – with a simple flow control valve or pressure regulator, power output and torque can easily be varied.
  • Indefinite stalling – air vane motors will not overheat or burn out when stalled for indefinite periods.
  • Reverse instantly – with a simple control valve, air vane motors can be reversed with no wait time.
  • Maintenance is minimal – a simple design makes maintenance quick and easy. A low number of moving parts means reduced wear and tear, making air vane motors more reliable. 
  • Perform well in hostile conditions – they do not make sparks and so they are ideal in conditions that have high explosion risks. They also do well in corrosive environments and are almost completely unaffected by heat or vibration.

Need more information?

Looking for a supplier of Globe air motors in Australia? Hydraulic Solutions and Sales can help. We have many years of experience with Globe products, and our friendly team will be happy to assist with any enquiries. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we also supply a range of other motors for various applications across many industries.

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