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Hydraulic cartridge valves are used to help control the direction, pressure and flow of hydraulic fluid throughout the system. They are very important components in many types of hydraulic systems across a wide range of industries. 

Hydraulic cartridge valves come in several different designs, though typically they consist of a sleeve, a valve poppet or cone and a closing spring. Two of the most common designs include: 

  • Slip-in which are held in place by a cover plate
  • Screw-in which join with the threads of the cavity

Hydraulic cartridge valves offer many advantages, and that is why their use is so widespread today. The advantages include:


  • Compact and light-weight – by combining several functions into a single manifold, you can save significant weight and space which could lead to energy savings.
  • Versatile applications – as shown below, cartridge valves are used for a vast array of applications.
  • Low cost – compared to other options, cartridge valves and manifolds are often much more economical.
  • Easy to install and maintain – this makes cartridge valves easy to troubleshoot and repair or replace without disturbing other parts of the system.
  • Low internal leakage – due to fewer connections and potential places for leaks to occur.


Applications of hydraulic cartridge valves 

Thanks to their superior qualities and versatile functions, hydraulic cartridge valves can be found in almost every industry that relies on hydraulic systems. This includes agricultural machinery, demolition equipment, mining and drilling equipment, construction machinery such as forklifts and cranes, and machinery for metal, plastic, textile and paper production. 

There is a vast array of types of cartridge valves which can be used for almost any application to achieve a desired result. Some of the control functions achievable include: 


  • Relief valves – used to keep system pressure within safe limits
  • Sequence valves – a special type of relief valve which opens when a set pressure is reached
  • Flow-control valves – regulate the flow or pressure of the hydraulic fluid
  • Pressure-reducing valves – provide a precise and steady amount of pressure to a specific part of the system
  • Check valves – allow fluid to flow one way and prevent backflow
  • Pilot-operated check valves – check valves that can be controlled to let fluid flow in opposite direction
  • Load-control valves – prevent a hydraulic actuator from ‘over running’ the fluid supply
  • Counterbalance valves – create backpressure to stop losing control over the load
  • Solenoid valves – electromechanically operated valves


Where to buy hydraulic cartridge valves

At Hydraulic Solutions and Sales, we supply a wide range of high quality hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds for a wide range of applications across many industries. 

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