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Hydraulic motors are an essential part of all hydraulic systems, transforming the fluid energy into rotary mechanical power. No matter the type of hydraulic motor you have, they all possess commonalities across their design. However, in order to match your application needs, you may be looking for a dynamic solution, or need to customise the options in the motor. The Hydraulic Solutions and Sales team will be taking you through some of the hydraulic motors that we stock, including the renowned Char-Lynn hydraulic motors.

Char-Lynn Motors

Char-Lynn hydraulic motors give the incredible power of a low-speed and high-torque hydraulics, thanks to the heavy-duty and pressure balanced Valve-in-Star motors that Eaton has come to be recognised for.

Being an industry leader in hydraulic motor technology, Char-Lynn motors are designed to be extremely compact in size, while providing a reliable high power density. They are also known for being very reliable and can provide cost-effective power transmission for a variety of different purposes. Being self-contained, the Char-Lynn motors can operate reliably and safely in harsh environments where dust, water and heat may be present. 

The great thing about Char-Lynn hydraulic motors is that they allow for the designer to place the power wherever it is needed. In addition to this, the motors can be directly mounted on the driven device, apart from the original power source. This helps to eliminate the need for other mechanical links, such as belts, pulleys, gears and chains. A number of motors can be driven from the same source of power, and have the ability to be connected parallel to each other or in series. 

Motor options

  • There are a number of different displacement sizes in each motor family that can give an array of torque and speed ranges
  • The output shaft size and type 
  • Large selection of specialist features such as manifold valve packages, 2-speed capabilities, environmental protection, integrated brakes etc. 
  • Mounting flange type 

The motors can also be set up with electronic sensors, giving digital feedback for sensing both output speed and direction of the motor. The resulting designs are economical and easily customisable to suit quite a diverse range of applications. 

Other Hydraulic Motors We Stock 

Another hugely popular brand of hydraulic motors that we distribute is Danfoss, namely the Sauer Danfoss Orbital Motors that they manufacture. Danfoss offers a huge number of low-speed orbital motors that provide high torque. 

These orbital motors are of a fixed displacement high-torque design. For a specific oil flow and a pressure level, the size of motor determines the torque and speed. For a given displacement, the speed is actually determined by the rate of the oil flow, where the torque is determined by the pressure differential. 

Danfoss orbital motors offer a compact and robust design, which can be used in both open and closed-loop hydraulic systems. They offer a high return pressure without using a drain line, giving you a highly efficient motor with a long life in extreme working conditions. The orbital motors are also appropriate for a wide range of hydraulic fluids. 

Being able to meet the needs of almost any application, the Sauer Danfoss line offers some of the most innovative hydraulic motors on the market. 

High-Quality Hydraulic Motors 

The team at Hydraulic Solutions and Sales distribute high-quality hydraulic motors for use in a variety of different industries, including oil and gas, mining and agriculture. As Danfoss and Eaton hydraulic motor distributors, we can assist with vane, piston and orbit-type motors. 

We also provide comprehensive maintenance and repairs for hydraulic motors, ensuring you are able to work with equipment that is in solid working condition. If you’d like to discuss your hydraulic needs, please get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today.