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Underground Mining Parts – RYCO Hydraulics

Underground mining organisations rely on top-quality equipment that can help to deal with the harsh environments in which they are used, while offering a safe and durable performance. RYCO is an established Australian hydraulics leader, renowned for designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of hydraulic fittings and hoses across the world.  As an authorised distributor of RYCO products, Hydraulic Solutions and Sales stock RYCO hydraulic fittings and hoses for the drilling and mining industry.

RYCO Hoses 

Safety is a top priority for underground mining, and so the equipment and parts used in this regard need to be tested to meet the internationally approved standards. Known for producing engineering solutions to operators for a wide range of underground mining equipment, RYCO manufactures abrasion-resistant hydraulic hoses which can provide an incredible level of performance and safety in mining applications. 

RYCO also supplies an interesting range of specialty industrial hoses including Teflon, rubber and PVC. Thermoplastic hoses are also available, being able to withstand extreme temperatures and providing underground mines with greater durability over time. These hoses, as well as their suction and return hoses, are also compatible with the RYCO couplings and accessories range. 

RYCO Couplings

RYCO’s product offerings continue with their hose couplings which are made in a variety of different styles and sizes. In order to meet the global demand and industry specifications, these couplings come in a range of thread and connection types too. Made with world-leading technology, the couplings are designed to provide high levels of performance and unmatched quality.

RYCO is able to provide up to double the working pressure of other standard JIC connections, with its comprehensive range of JSEAL couplings. 

Mine Safe Connection System

The RYCO CrocBite offers a mine safe connection system which is corrosion resistant and easy to assemble. For workers that operate in an underground mine, these parts need to be easy to use and change out in the often confined conditions that they’re working in. 

The O Ring weather seals on the CrocBite provide solid resistance to contamination. There is also a larger bearing area which allows greater resistance to slide loading and increases the pulse life. It also has a very slim design, making it a snag-free coupling component. 

The CrocBite can’t self disengage and can deal with pressures up to 420 bar, making it ideal for safe mining applications. The high pressure seals with 90 durometer O Rings and back up rings allow for a minimum of 1,000,000 plus impulse cycles. The female connector is also backward compatible and will mate with standard STAPLELOK male connector, in sizes DN10, DN12 and DN20. 

If you are looking for other mine safety accessories from RYCO, our team are dedicated to helping you find the most ideal products for your industry. 

Hydraulic Solutions and Sales

At Hydraulic Solutions and Sales, we only supply the top level of RYCO hydraulic fittings and hoses, designed at giving you the utmost confidence in the types of products you need to purchase for your specific needs. Thanks to our deep involvement in the drilling industry, we are able to offer incredible response times to the needs of our customers. 

Our team can also offer other services such as installations, full testing, assembly certification and hose refits. Without proper maintenance, the efficiency of these components can drop, with the risk of a total failure rising. Thanks to our many years of experience, we’re confident in our ability to offer superior hydraulic fittings and hose services to all of our customers.

If you’d like to discuss the needs for your underground mining applications, please get in contact with our friendly team, and we can talk through our range of RYCO products and other hydraulic solutions we can produce for your business.