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Modern hydraulics have dramatically transformed the oil and gas industry, for both onshore and offshore applications. Finding a comprehensive range of hydraulic applications for the oil and gas industry can be a time-consuming process, particularly when they need to be provided with the appropriate testing documentation. As one of the core components of any hydraulic system, hydraulic cylinders need to be durable and high quality to match the demands of the oil and gas industry. Hydraulic Solutions and Sales are trusted hydraulic cylinder distributors in Australia, and can provide cost-effective and custom made parts across different industries. 

Onshore and Offshore Needs

Some of the typical hydraulic components used in the oil and gas industry include motors, valves, pumps and cylinders. This industry relies on products and parts that are energy-efficient, offer hazardous protection for onshore and offshore applications, and include manufacturing precision that meets international standards. 

Cylinders are often used for stabilising oil rigs in open water, so when looking for high-quality hydraulic cylinders you should keep in mind the operating pressure, mounting preferences, environmental conditions and force requirements that you have. Being used in rugged and harsh environments such as offshore drilling rigs, one of the industry-leading suppliers of hydraulic cylinders is Eaton. 

Eaton Products  

Hydraulic Solutions and Sales are an authorised distributor of the internationally renowned Eaton products, namely the medium-duty hydraulic cylinders that they produce. Currently, we supply the M3000, S3000 and the special medium-duty series. We also supply several other industrial duty cylinders which can help meet the needs of your organisation’s applications. The Eaton Vickers hydraulic cylinders are able to be used in industrial and mobile applications, featuring a compact yet reliable design. 

The M3000 Series features cylinder barrels made from steel tubing, with the piston rods being chrome plated. They are specifically designed for low-cost serviceability, where specialist tools are not necessary. The M3000 also has a rotatable rod end design. If you’re looking for something that provides more support that can withstand induced pressure loads, the S3000 series has a screwed rod end in its design. Both of these hydraulic cylinders included a welded head end cap to the barrel, offering a higher amount of strength in operation. 

There is also the option of a number of different mounting styles, as well as a custom stroke length, allowing you to make the best selection to match your requirements. 

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

In many cases, you may require a custom made hydraulic cylinders for a special requirement. The team at Hydraulic Solutions and Sales can help to design and produce custom made hydraulic cylinders for businesses in all sorts of industries. We always make sure to provide all of the appropriate maintenance and operating manuals with these components. For mine-site or offshore specifications, we’ll also provide the necessary certifications. 

Hydraulic Cylinder Testing 

Making sure that your hydraulic cylinders are operating efficiently, we also offer cylinder testing and reconditioning. Our specialist technicians are able to test and make a thorough assessment of your equipment, helping to restore them to a solid operational level. We always endeavour to help you to get the most out of your hydraulic equipment and will provide you with efficiency reports, testing documents and conformity certificates for greater peace of mind and transparency. 

We always support our customers to find the optimum solution for their business. If you’d like to learn more about the Eaton series of hydraulic cylinders, or would like to discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch with our dedicated and friendly team at Hydraulic Solutions and Sales.