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Hydraulic Solutions and Sales is a proudly appointed service partner of HYDAC, global leaders in the design and manufacture of hydraulic products. 

We supply a wide range of high quality HYDAC products from filter assemblies and valves to HYDAC accumulators and seal kits.

HYDAC hydraulic equipment is unrivalled when it comes to quality, durability and performance. They are ideal for use in a wide range of industries, including mining, marine and agriculture.

HYDAC Accumulators

HYDAC has an excellent selection of accumulators that are expertly designed to improve efficiency and performance in hydraulic systems. The advantages of HYDAC accumulators include extended longevity of system components and improved reliability. 

Whether you require bladder accumulators, piston accumulators or diaphragm accumulators, the range of HYDAC options will ensure you have the ideal solution for any application.

Pressure filter assemblies

HYDAC pressure filters offer excellent protection of hydraulic system components by keeping the system clean. They have undergone rigorous laboratory testing and field testing to ensure the highest standard performance, even in challenging conditions.

HYDAC pressure filters help increase the service life of other system components and hydraulic machinery by ensuring hydraulic fluid is kept clean. Hydraulic Solutions and Sales supplies a wide range of HYDAC pressure filters models to suit every application.

Return filter assemblies

HYDAC return line filter assemblies have been designed to provide optimal protection to all system components. They offer a number of advantages including the ability to filter fluid finely and an extremely low pressure drop.

HYDAC return filters perform excellently, even in cold temperatures where other filters may not be effective. Strict controls and carefully monitored production processes mean you will get a high quality product every time.

Inline filter assemblies

HYDAC inline filters can be installed before or after the boost pump and also in the return line to ensure hydraulic fluid remains clean. Some of the advantages of HYDAC inline filters include a long service life, low pressure drops and a wide selection of filtration ratings.

HYDAC inline filters are available in a wide range of models to suit every application. Whether you require inline filters with a spin-on cartridge, thermal bypass valve, differential pressure relief valve or ports in a L-configuration, we have the ideal solution.

Breather filters

HYDAC breathers or breather filters prevent hydraulic fluid from being contaminated as oil levels fluctuate (aka tank breathing).

Breather filters, in combination with double check valves are effective at reducing air exchange between the tank and its surroundings. For optimal performance, breather filters should have the same or higher filtration rating as the other filters in the hydraulic circuit.

Element seal kits

We supply HYDAC seals and repair kits for different types of filters including return line filters and pressure filters. HYDAC sealing sets and repair kits make sure the hydraulic system operates smoothly, even when worn parts have been replaced.

Gauges and accessories

The HYDAC range of gauges and accessories are designed so that you can have accurate information when you need it. Robust and capable, HYDAC gauges are appropriate for a wide range of industries and virtually any hydraulic machinery.

Popular HYDAC gauge types include the manometer pressure gauge which performs well in adverse conditions, and the mining staple lock pressure gauge which is specially designed for mining applications.

Test Points

HYDAC Test Points are high quality, leak-free test couplings that allow for coupling and uncoupling without system shut down. The state of the art sealing technology and advanced design makes the HYDAC Test Point a leader in its class.

The test coupling’s opening valve is on hose ends or pressure sensors. This means when you connect the test coupling, the check valve opens and gives direct contact with the fluid. Using the Test Point, you can measure pressure and pressure peaks, vent the system and take samples.

Flow control valves

HYDAC flow control valves help you have precise control of the flow rates within a hydraulic circuit. Flow control valves can be used in the feed inlet, discharge outlet or bypass. Whether you need manual or hydraulically controlled valves, we have a high quality solution to suit your needs.

Check valves

HYDAC check valves allow hydraulic fluid to flow in one direction, while blocking flow in the opposite direction. The wide range of HYDAC check valves can meet the needs of applications across numerous industries. 

All HYDAC check valves are manufactured to the highest standard. The basic design of a check valve consists of a casing with an integrated valve seat, a ground closing element and a pressure spring. Another popular design uses a ball as the closing element.

HYDAC clamps

We supply the complete line of hose, tube and pipe mounting components by HYDAC. This includes a wide range of clamp types such as oval clamps, cushion clamps, “P” Style clamps, U bolt clamps and quick release swivel bolt clamps.

The HYDAC range of clamps are simple to use and reliable at absorbing shock and dampening vibrations. They can be used to create custom, application-specific mounting solutions.

2 way & 3 way ball valves

HYDAC ball valves are ideal for applications in almost all hydraulic machinery. They have been specially designed for quality, functionality, safety and a long service life.

The stainless steel ball valves by HYDAC offer excellent performance for offshore projects and other high-stress environments. HYDAC promises unimpeded flow, self sealing and no need for maintenance with their range or ball valves.

Need HYDAC products? Trust the experts at Hydraulic Solutions and Sales

Whatever your hydraulic needs, Hydraulic Solutions and Sales can help. With over 30 years of experience in the hydraulic industry, we can help you select the right type of hydraulic equipment for your specific application.  

For more information about HYDAC products or any other hydraulic components we supply, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.