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One of the industries that has seen significant changes over the years as a result of the introduction of modern hydraulic equipment is the agricultural industry. Hydraulic devices and equipment made processes faster and reduced the number of workers that were required for rather mundane tasks. The productivity in agricultural operations boomed, with the impact of hydraulic power resulting in a number of key benefits for agricultural machinery. The specialist team at Hydraulic Sales and Solutions are here to explain the benefits of hydraulics and types of purposes they serve in the agricultural industry. 

Benefits of Hydraulics 

Agricultural hydraulics are quite unique in a number of different ways. The systems have to be adaptable and versatile, due to the fact that prime movers and supply of input hydraulics can vary dramatically. 

Agricultural professionals were able to reduce the amount of manual labour needed to get work done, both in terms of humans and worker animals. This also resulted in a reduction in the risk of injury in the industry, as there were fewer hours being spent on the field or conducting work.  

The productivity saw a huge boost as the hydraulic systems allowed for a limited amount of downtime between different operations in the industry. Many workers and agricultural businesses saw an increase in both individual and overall productivity and working efficiency. 

Typical Uses of Hydraulics for Agricultural Purposes

Hydraulics can be found in all sorts of different sized agricultural applications, including in equipment and machines such as:

  • Augers
  • Planters and Seeders
  • Combines and Headers
  • Tractors 
  • Utility Vehicles 
  • Scrapers
  • Mowers 
  • Truck loaders
  • Sprayers
  • Combine Harvesters 
  • Irrigation Systems

Challenges for Hydraulic Systems for Agricultural Machines

 For designers of hydraulic systems, there are a number of different challenges they are often faced with to ensure the hydraulics are up to the task of matching the needs of agricultural machines. 

  • The energy efficiency of the hydraulic system often takes a great deal of time to get right, with the choice of pump size and style being important decisions. In a small scale farm situation, a utility machine may include a fixed displacement gear pump which has an open centre valve bank to help lower costs and make matters simple. Unfortunately, even if the pump is pressure-unloaded with the flow directed back to tanks when there is no hydraulic function in use, the fuel consumption is higher than it needs to be as a result of the full flow rate. 
  • Workers need to be able to operate the agricultural machines with ease, without having to make all sorts of corrections to cylinder positions or having to adjust the flow rates to hydraulic motors. The operator still has much to do, and shouldn’t be weighed down by other aspects of the process, instead of being focused on the bigger picture. 
  • Many farm operators are also looking for an easy way to repair and maintain machinery and hydraulic systems that they use on a daily basis. Although in some cases, the design may not be as visually appealing as the designers would hope for, the workers who repair and maintain the machinery appreciate aspects such as mounting filters for simple removal and swap out procedure. This also ensures that regular maintenance tasks are not overlooked because they’re considered to be too much effort. 

Hydraulic Sales and Solutions

As a dedicated provider of a number of different hydraulic systems and components for the agricultural industry, Hydraulic Sales and Solutions can provide customers with high-quality products and services in Australia. For instances where you need a custom-designed hydraulic system, our team can help to ensure that you receive exactly what you are looking for. 

We are also able to provide a diverse range of services for our hydraulic products, including the service, testing, reconditioning and installation of motors, valves, cylinders and hydraulic pumps. If you are looking for hydraulic repairs on your equipment or components, get in contact with our experienced hydraulics team today.